This treatment is the #1 favorite among clients! It reduces fine lines, lightens pigmentation, provides hydration and lymphatic drainage, helps with acne, blackheads and rough skin texture, promotes collagen and elastin production and allows for better product absorption. It can be done once a month for a deep exfoliation to keep skin bright and glowing! There is no downtime with this treatment.
Hydradermabrasion  – $99
What to expect :
Your skin is cleansed followed by the application of an AHA/BHA foam solution. A vacuum device with a diamond tip is used to gently but effectively exfoliate the skin and remove all the dead skin cells while correcting solutions are applied throughout several passes. A jelly mask is applied for intense hydration and a hand, arm & neck massage is performed while the mask is setting followed up with finishing products & spf for your skin type.
Contraindications are :
-Any contagious disease (HIV, AIDS,HEPATITIS)
-Use of Retin-A
-Accutane use (must be off for 1 Year)
-Any drug that causes sun sensitivity
-Skin irritation or rash (Wait at least 48 hours after waxing)
-Diabetes (insulin dependant)
-Active cold sores
-Botox or fillers (must wait 2 weeks after botox & 4 weeks after fillers)

*Pricing subject to change*